Year: 2018  | Course: Final project
Techniques: Industrial knitting machine, manual knitting machine and Hand Knitting | Materials: polyester.

PolyTriad is a research project, based on the story of the 3 Moirai sisters. In Greek mythology, The Moirai are the 3 fate sisters that control the life of every mortal, from birth to death, by controlling their thread of life.

Clotho spun the thread of life from her Distaff onto her Spindle.
Lachesis measured the thread allotted to each person with her measuring rod,
And Atropos was the cutter of the thread of life. She chose the manner death.

In the first part of the research, I used two contrast colors of polyester thread: black and pink,
Creating over 50 threads in multiple shades, using different techniques, which established my textile-palette.
In the second part, I've given a textile expression to the Moirai by creating 3 coats, one represent each sister.
My vast variety of threads and shades was letting me give an exact expression for each sister character and role, without losing the obvious connection between them.